Jacktionman (Jack Ratcliffe) is a London-based artist who specialises in mixed-reality installations that playfully explore humanity’s relationship with technology.

Notable past exhibitions and performances include the Barbican (Europe’s largest multi-arts and conference venue), the British Library and the Rich Mix.

His most notable works include Teletortoise, in which anonymous internet users were able to remotely feed, water, and illuminate turtles, and Teasmate, where participants were challenged to make cups of tea by controlling an unfriendly robotic arm.

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Jack’s work playfully explores the developing and intuitive relationships between ever-progressing technology, culture and humanity. Combining conceptual investigations with interactive installations, his creations are aimed at allowing audiences to appreciate the works at varying levels of critical and emotional engagement.

He produces work online, offline and often in a mixture of both realities, using websites, automated bots, scrapers, robotics, bio-sensors, light projection and other media to create both performative and stand-alone pieces. The majority of his work is focussed on either exploring human behaviour in the digital realm, or transposing digital experiences into physical form.

Jack has exhibited work at some of London’s most prestigious arts institutions, including Europe’s largest multi-arts venue: the Barbican, the British Library and the Rich Mix. The critical explorations in his work have lead to exhibitions at academic institutions such as the University of Greenwich and Goldsmiths University. He also won the 2016 National Video Game Arcade Gamejam.

Jack holds a Masters degree from the Computational Arts program at Goldsmiths University, and a BA in Literature from Royal Holloway University. He is currently director of the MEGASUPERWEB digital installation agency.


Interfaces Monthly, Barbican, London
Elastic Systems, British Library, London

EXHIBI[4]TIONS, Richmix, London
ArtLicks Weekend, ArtLicks, London

Digital Research & Humanity Conference, University of Greenwich, London
Test Signal, Hotel Elephant Gallery, London
Featured Stream,

Published essays

Anti-Social Media, DRHA 2014, ed. Anastasios Maragiannis, p.259 – 264


Goldsmiths College, University of London
Royal Holloway College, University of London


Site-specific installation
Interactive installation
Interactive performance
Autonomous works
Light and projection
Internet & online
Apps/mobile devices