The Home I Made

About The Home I Made

The Home I Made is Jack Ratcliffe’s first piece in virtual reality. The piece invites you into a stylised, scale model of the artist’s bedroom, allowing the participant to either watch the room’s slow self-destruction or actively move around and participate in its demise.

By using virtual reality and interaction, the piece asks users to step directly into the artist’s life and bear witness to – or cause – a general destruction of the space.

The Home I Made explores the impermanence of the lives we build for ourselves, and the transience of different aspects of our inter-personal relationships.

The work is a collaboration between the artist and his partner, who performed the sound using the piano that is replicated in the piece.

The piece works on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices in both VR and non-VR modes.


How The Home I Made was made

The piece uses the A-Frame WebVR framework with javascript to create an interactive 3D VR environment. The physics system at the heart of the piece is CANNON.js. Each object is a simple 3D element whose interactions are governed by CANNON.js.



The Home I Made

An interactive, webVR artwork