Relevant Conferences & Calls

CHI 2020HCI2020/01/06April 2020Hawaii💤
iLRN 2020VR Learning2020/01/06June 2020California, USA💤
AHFE 2020: Applied Human Factors and ErgonomicsHCI2020/01/10July 2020San Diego, USA💤
ICVR 2021VR2020/01/15January 2021New York, USA💤Embodied Cognition, Presence
ICIET 2020Technology Learning2020/01/20March 2020Okayama, Japan💤Presence
DIS 2020HCI2020/01/21July 2020Eindhoven, Netherlands💤Presence
EUROCALL 2020CALL2020/02/03August 2020Coppenhagen, Denmark💤
SALENTO AVR 2020: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Computer GraphicsVR2020/02/15June 2020Lecce, Italy💤Presence
The 8th Conference on EducationLearning2020/02/29July 2020London, UK💤
The Osaka Conference on EducationLearning2020/03/19August 2020Osaka, Japan💤
COG 2020: IEEE conference on GamesVR, Serious Games2020/03/23August 2020Osaka, Japan📤Embodied Cognition
ICMI 2020: International Conference on Multimodal InteractionHCI2020/05/29October 2020Utrecht, Netherlands🎯Embodied Cognition, Presence
CHI 2021HCI2020/09/10May 2021Yokohama, Japan🎯🎯Embodied Cognition
EDUCON2021Learning2222/01/01April 2021Vienna, Austria💤
IEEE VR 2021VR2222/01/01??????
VRST ’20: Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and TechnologyVR2020/06/29November, 2020Ottawa, Canada🎯
CHIPLAY ’20: Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in PlayVR, Serious Games2020/04/07November, 2020Ottawa, Canada💤
ACM Multimedia2020/05/17October 2020Seatlle, USA🎯
UISTVirtual Reality2020/04/01October, 2020Minneapolis, USA💤
ISMAR 2020Virtural Reality2222/01/01November, 2020Porto de Galinhas, Brazil
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Multimodal Interaction

Context for Interaction

Immersive Learning